Week 45: What are YOU Cultivating?

I absolutely LOVE this quote…and so true! Our thoughts make up our world. They really, really do! Think about your own thoughts. How many times have you become overwhelmed about something simply because you let your mind wander? I know I have PLENTY!

With the New Year upon us it’s important we start out our year right by CULTIVATING positive, uplifting thoughts. There are ALWAYS two ways of looking at things…let’s take this first week of January to be POSITIVE!

Our Assignment

This week’s assignment is to create a page of flowers and a page of weeds. You can use images, words, drawings, doodles, stickers, whatever you are inspired to!

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Week 43 & 44: 100 Things

What’s on YOUR List?

This is sooo simple and will help you SEE what your Heart Whispers truly are!! Here’s what you do….

Decide what kind of 100 List you are going to make. It could be goals, Bucket List items, ways to control your clutter, stuff just running around in your brain, etc.

Take a piece of paper or your journal and number 1-100.

Now start writing and don’t stop. Not even once time! Keep on listing.

Once you have filled in ALL 100 lines read through them.

You should start seeing a pattern of what your Heart is truly saying. It’s possible you will list “Have an art retreat” over 20 times on your list (like me!!!). That’s a sign to YOU of what it is your Heart is longing for!!!

By creating a list without thinking about it long and hard we are only writing down those things that truly matter to us!

Happy Listing!!!!

Week 42: Mind Mapping

Why I love this!

I first learned about Mind-Mapping fifteen years ago from a magazine article I read on journaling ideas. What intrigued me the most was instead of having a list of things to do, ideas, goals, etc. you had a visual of everything. And the more I wrote in my Mind Map the more ideas just flowed out of me!

Here is a WONDERFUL article on Mind-Mapping.

Our lesson this week is to create a Mind Map of Ideas. Your topic can be anything! Whether it’s a list of what you want to accomplish in 2019 to your creative endeavors…try your hand at this highly effective journaling technique!

Here are more creative ideas for your Mind Map…

Week 41: Daily Journal Writing


There are so many reasons I love journaling…but this quote sums it up perfectly!

My Writing Journey

I began keeping a journal back in 1978.

Grease was the Word…


Mork had just landed on Earth from Ork…


And Andy Gibb’s “Shadow Dancing” topped the charts.

My grandma gifted me a tiny gold pocket journal for my Birthday. I absolutely LOVED it and began keeping it that day. I still have that little journal filled with all the important stuff a fifth grader has on their mind…boys I liked, sleepovers with friends and the weather.:)

The older I got the bigger my journals got. My book of choice was a spiral bound notebook with images like these on them…

I filled each book with problems, my love of Donnie Beger and all my Dreams for the future. Looking back those journals helped me have a place to process all the yuck in my life and allowed me to stay sane.

Your Assignment

Your assignment this week is to either purchase a journal or find one you already have and start writing in it…DAILY.


Even if all you write is the weather…just do it. Over time you find that journal writing is one habit you won’t want to do without!

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What to Journal About

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Week 39: Wear What You LOVE


What if I told you…

I truly believe that what we wear affects how we feel about ourselves. I grew up with a Mom who told me almost everyday…

“Leslie Dawn, no matter where you are going it’s important to look nice.”.

So I always do. It doesn’t matter if I am going to our local grocery store for a gallon of milk…I always try to look presentable. That doesn’t mean I haven’t gone into Wal-Mart looking like a train wreck…but 90% of the time I at least have my hair done or a ball cap on and lip gloss.

But here’s what I REALLY mean

What we are talking about this week is wearing what we LOVE…or as Kelly Rae Roberts calls it…Wearing Our Joy.

Important to note…wearing what we love probably means something VERY different than what our friend is wearing. You may feel absolutely AMAZING in sweats, a t-shirt and a hat while your bestie prefers leggings, a gold sweater and long boots. The goal here is to…

Wear What YOU Love

Our Lesson

It’s time to go through your closet and take out EVERYTHING that doesn’t make your Heart absolutely, 100% SING! Make three piles….your LOVE pile…your “I think I will put you up for awhile” pile and your “take to charity” pile.

This can be a FUN way to spend an afternoon so embrace it!!! Remember you can change up the look of an outfit with a piece of jewelry, too!!

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Week 38: Gratitude List


Here’s what I know…

I KNOW when I have an attitude of gratitude…I just FEEL better. And when I feel better I take care of myself better and I do better. In my opinion when I am taking care of myself and trying my very best and being grateful for it ALL…my age stops being an issue for me and instead I am just me. Not 52 year old me…but loving, giving, creative, grateful me.

This week I invite you to be GRATEFUL. Create a list of everything you are grateful for…right down to the shoes on your feet!

Put these in your journals or create a few pages to highlight some of the things that make the top of your Gratitude List.